BE REEL! uses all kinds of means and platforms to share its knowledge with the outside world. We publish a trilingual newsletter at least two times a year and developed a learning platform, on which regional and interregional stakeholders can follow courses and follow training regarding renovation.
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Dissemination strategies

Through a combination of meet-ups, masterclasses, and events coordinated by the Knowledge centre of Flemish Cities, local authorities will be informed about the challenge that awaits them and given the tools and knowledge to take action.
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Energy invoice communication

This action explores the possibilities of behavioural psychology in energy invoice communication by giving certain citizens of Mechelen an overview of their energy consumption compared to significant others like neighbours.
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Learning networks

BE REEL! manages two learning networks: an interregional one between the three Belgian regions of Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels and an international one between different international stakeholders such as EU projects, governments, etc. 
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Regional marketing & communication

The two Belgion Regions Flanders & Wallonia have deveeloped their own communication strategy for mobilizing households to achieve the goals formulated in the Regions long term renovation strategy.
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Technical publications

These technical publications aim to create a broad awareness and knowledge among local construction professionals and administrations at the local, regional and European level. It is an important element in building the capacity needed to implement regional renovation strategies in Belgium and other EU Member States. In the end, about 20-30 international and 40-60 Belgian publications will be created and published.
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Upscaling project results

The different findings throughout BE REEL! will be centralized and documented in a uniform way so they can analysed. The most promising best practices will be identified and earmarked for replication on a larger scale. The goal of this action is to spread out and upscale these practices and to support local authorities in setting up projects. 

Complementary projects

There are also several projects and initiatives that are not covered by BE REEL! but are complementary to these communication actions. 

Marketing for energy efficiency in Flanders

The Flemish Energy and Climate Agency organizes periodic communication campaigns about a variety of energy-related subjects to guide the entire region to a low carbon lifestyle. This reinforces the BE REEL! objectives and contributes to accelerating the renovation rate in Flanders. The different Flemish BE REEL! partners use the communication materials provided by Flanders.

Establish detailed roadmap 2050 for Flanders

The region of Flanders validated the Flemish long-term renovation strategy for buildings in 2020. This strategy is the roadmap to ensure that Flanders achieves its emissions targets for residential (75% carbon reduction) and non-residential buildings (completely carbon neutral)  by 2050. The strategy received the second best evaluation of all member states in the EU. The objectives of BE REEL! are in line with the Flemish renovation strategy, but BE REEL! operates more on the local level.