Project management & monitoring

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To ensure that BE REEL! reaches its goals and has the desired impact, the project must be managed and monitored at all times. This project management happens through several channels (BE REEL! project management team, general steering committee, communication steering committee) and each group focuses on different tasks. The project is also monitored on its contributions to the different regional renovation strategies, climate and energy problems, and the broader socio-economic situation.  

Project management

BE REEL! is being managed by the BE REEL! project management team, focuses on all the practical sides of the project, and consists of 2 members: one full-time as coordinator and one part-time for general support. The steering committee consists of all the high-level representatives of the partners and serves as a platform to discuss project-wide issues and disseminate objectives. The communication steering group serves the same function but focuses on all aspects of communication and thus consists of the communication specialists of each partner. To increase the capacity of all the BE REEL! partners, workshops, meetings and trainings exclusively for them are organized periodically (max. 3 per year). The project also has to report on specific LIFE indicators to gage the contributions towards the LIFE Multiannual work programme. After BE REEL! ends, there has to be continuity to ensure that the findings can be replicated and the renovation acceleration is achieved. To this end, there will be a BE REEL! After Life Plan for the five years directly after the end of the project.


The impact of the project is monitored and evaluated on several levels: contributions to the renovation strategies, impact on climate objectives, the project’s pilot, demonstration and capacity building actions, and its broader socio-economic impact. For each aspect of the project, several indicators will be defined and selected to quantify the project’s impact and progress.

Regional coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of the tools in Walloon municipalities

Besides developing and implementing the different tools for the Walloon region, BE REEL! is also coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the Quickscan, roadmap and building passport in Wallonia. BE REEL! manages the selection of municipalities, promotion of the tools, and monitoring of the selected municipalities.

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Complementary projects

There are also several projects and initiatives that are not covered by BE REEL! but are complementary to these management and monitoring actions. 

Define monitoring and evaluation methodology for Flemish and Walloon long-term renovation strategy

Both of the regional strategies will accelerate the renovation rate. These results need to be monitored and evaluated over time. In the BE REEL! project, a similar monitoring and evaluation method will be used to map its impact.