New Policy Instruments

BE REEL! is developing a number of innovative tools to support the renovation wave in Belgium. 
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The woningpas or housing passport is a free digital passport that brings together all information about a citizen’s home in one handy overview. It is an important tool within the Flemish renovation strategy. 
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This roadmap called l’Audit Logement or Housing Audit is a tool meant to easily give homeowners an idea of the current energy saving potential of their home and to illustrate a possible roadmap to achieve these savings through renovation before 2050. It replaced the PAE 2 energy audit in 2019, is easier to conduct and is more financially attractive for citizens. The roadmap tool has been developed by TLPE, one of BE REEL!’s partners.
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Renovation Advice Toolbox

The availability of neutral, qualitative and coherent first-line advice is necessary to encourage citizens to renovate their homes in Flanders. To support the renovation advisors in the preparation of the renovation advice, renovation advice guidelines and a corresponding renovation advice toolbox were developed.
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Building Passport

The Walloon Housing Passport is the identity card of a housing unit in the Walloon Region: a dynamic digital record in which you can look up and maintain your property data. This record will be interactive and scalable, containing information about the administrative and technical details of the house. A building passport will accompany a building for its entire lifespan and will be transmitted from one owner to the next when a building changes ownership.
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The Quickscan is a user-friendly tool that allows Walloon homeowners to quickly assess their home’s potential energy savings and housing quality without the involvement of a professional. The Quickscan tool has been developed by TLPE, one of BE REEL!’s partners.
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Demonstration of Quickscan, roadmap, and building passport

This action consists of launching a pilot call for proposals within the municipalities having signed the Covenant of Majors and possessing a SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) or a SECAP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan) . The goal is that 10 municipalities use and validate the Quickscan, roadmap and Building Passport.

Complementary projects

There are also several projects and initiatives that are not covered by BE REEL! but are complementary to these new policy instruments. 

Define monitoring and evaluation methodology for Flemish and Walloon long-term renovation strategy

Both of the regional strategies will accelerate the renovation rate. These results need to be monitored and evaluated over time. In the BE REEL! project, a similar monitoring and evaluation method will be used to map its impact.

Stakeholder involvement in Wallonia

To gather feedback while developing the Walloon long-term renovation strategy, Wallonia engaged stakeholders via several working groups. Continuous stakeholder engagement in Wallonia is essential for BE REEL! because the stakeholders will test the Walloon tools (Quickscan, roadmap, building passport) and directly contribute to the Walloon long term renovation strategy. A high level of involvement will increase ownership and the chances of effective implementation of the Walloon renovation strategy. This strategy was submitted in 2020 and includes the tools developed by BE REEL!.

Reform of support mechanisms, grants and loans in Flanders

In the second half of 2022, Flanders will launch the Mijn Verbouwpremie (My Renovation Premium) initiative. This unifies a number of existing premiums into one centralized premium system to ensure citizens can access financing easily. Besides premiums, Flanders continues to enable a system of (low-interest) loans as well. Flemish citizens can take advantage of these different financing options and directly contribute to the BE REEL! project goals.

Large-scale implementation of newly developed tools in Wallonia

The tools in question are the Quickscan, roadmap, and building passport. The goal is to generalize their use. This action has not yet started fully as the building passport has not been developed yet and the Quickscan and roadmap are still in the final phases of development.

Large-scale implementation of newly developed tools in Flanders

The tools in question are the Flemish Building Passport called Woningpas and the Renovation Advice Tool (RAT). The goal is to generalize their use. The RAT has not been developed due to political decisions, but a replacement tool has been created that will be integrated into an online BE REEL! training for renovation advisors in Flanders. The Woningpas continues to improve and expand its functionalities. It includes input from many different policy areas besides energy. The woningpas has been widely acclaimed and has even received several prizes. It has also been integrated into the training programme.