Technical publications

These technical publications aim to create a broad awareness and knowledge among local construction professionals and administrations at the local, regional and European level. It is an important element in building the capacity needed to implement regional renovation strategies in Belgium and other EU Member States. In the end, about 20-30 international and 40-60 Belgian publications will be created and published.

Project results

The various BE REEL! results will be compiled in the publication and presented at European symposia and in scientific journals. The publications will mainly be focused on the woningpas, Quickscan, roadmap, building passport, good practices and lessons learned from the innovative business models, renovation consultants, demonstration projects, and the results of the capacity building actions.

Journals and industry organizations

In order to influence local construction professionals and local authorities, most results will be achieved through technical publications in professional journals of associations or through industry organizations, such as the BBRI.

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