National dissemination program for cities and local authorities

A dissemination program for local authorities in Wallonia and Flanders will be organized to ensure they can contribute to tackling the renovation challenge in their municipality or region. The Union of Cities and Municipalities of Wallonia (UVCW) and the Association of Flemish Towns and Cities (VVSG) will work together to develop and organize this program. Through a combination of meet-ups, masterclasses, and events, local authorities will be informed about the challenge that awaits them and given the tools and knowledge to take action.


Over the course of BE REEL! 5 meet-ups will be organized for this action to bring together stakeholders and create networking opportunities. The target audience is Belgian administrators, city departments, decision makers, policy makers and local politicians. Per meet-up about 60-80 people are expected.   


Over the course of BE REEL! 2 series of masterclasses will be set up. Each series consists of training sessions, workshops and seminars spread over 6 days. Participants will gain expertise on developing and implementing long term renovation actions, various innovative cases linked to renovation planning, different policies, and financial support mechanisms. Each day must attract 30-40 people.

Guidelines & events

After the meet-ups and masterclasses are finished, a tri-lingual publication of the lessons learned throughout the entirety of BE REEL! will be written and published. 500 physical copies will be made available. These lessons learned will be presented at 5 different  international events (30-40 people) and the BE REEL! final conference (100-120 people) in September 2024.

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