capacity building

Upscaling best practices

The ultimate goal of BE REEL! is to improve the knowledge and skills of renovation professionals in Belgium and other countries. The different findings throughout BE REEL! will be centralized and documented in a uniform way so they can analysed. The most promising best practices will be identified and earmarked for replication on a larger scale. The goal of this action is to spread out and upscale these practices and to support local authorities in setting up projects. This will be done by developing trilingual (Dutch, French, English) manuals/guidelines and organizing 50 dissemination events.

Dissemination events

A series of events will be organized: 15 events on renovation advice for local authorities and housing services (400 participants), 5 events on renovation advice for social rental offices (100 participants), 10 events on collective neighbourhood renovation (300 participants), 5 events on key-on-the-door buildings (50 contractors as participants), and 15 events on deep renovations of apartment blocks (300 participants).   

Manuals & guidelines

Based on the various results of BE REEL!, trilingual manuals and guidelines will be developed to disseminate the findings through various communication channels to the correct target groups.

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