Energy invoice communication

An underutilized method of communication is communication via a citizen’s energy invoice. In Belgium, every homeowner receives this invoice at set intervals. This action explores the possibilities of behavioural psychology in energy invoice communication by giving certain citizens of Mechelen an overview of their energy consumption compared to significant others like neighbours.

State of the art analysis

Through literature research, analysis of existing good practices and stakeholder analysis, the current state of the art will be defined. This will be the starting point for the rest of this action.

Proof of concept

One pilot project will be developed and implemented as an experiment. There will be a control group and an experimental group of citizens. Both groups will fill in a preliminary survey before the invoice communication and a concluding survey afterwards. The findings of the pilot will be compiled in a report.


The same exercise will be repeated on multiple pilots (or one large one). There will once again be two groups that fill in a preliminary survey, get the energy invoice communication, and then fill in a concluding survey. At least 1000 households will participate in the pilots.

Regional implementation

If the pilots in Mechelen are successful, then they can be implemented on a regional level in Flanders and Wallonia.

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