Communication and marketing strategies

The renovation challenge in Belgium is considerable. Regional long term renovation strategies have been put into place by Flanders and Wallonia. To achieve them, almost every family and household in Belgium has to be mobilized and engaged. To do this, a communication and marketing strategy is necessary for both regions (and also for Brussels). The aim of this action is to speed up the implementation of these regional strategies by enabling the local authorities to activate their citizens. Communication materials (articles, papers, reports, etc.) will be developed and then published and events (webinars, conferences, etc.) will be organized to inform citizens and renovation professionals alike. A large part of the BE REEL! budget is reserved for the execution of these strategies. In both regions, the roll-out of the strategy will be in two phases: one pilot to test the approach and then a region-wide roll-out for all the citizens.


In Flanders, in the first phase, through a close collaboration with the three Flemish BE REEL partner cities, communication materials will be developed based on the findings of the different BE REEL! actions and an information session in each city will be organized with at least 200 participants. The focus of these events will be to raise awareness and promote the tools to achieve the Flemish long term renovation strategy. Next, this campaign will take on a regional character. Through a variety of communication means and target groups, the entirety of Flanders (308 municipalities) will be targeted. Communication materials will be developed for all Flemings and there will be an information session in each municipality, in total at least 60 000 (308x200) participants.


In Wallonia, the first phase is a small scale pilot. Initially, the goal will be to select 10 pilot municipalities that will test and validate the tools developed by BE REEL!. They will promote these tools to reach as many people as possible, recruit citizens to test them in working groups, and afterwards inform them of the achieved results through a range of channels (leaflets, final seminars, pictures, etc.). At least 2000 citizens will be involved. In the second phase, the entire region of Wallonia will be targeted. A region-wide communication working group will be created to manage the campaign. They will base their approach off the pilot in the first phase and will devote special attention to communicating about the tools developed by BE REEL! for Wallonia. Based on the regional approach, local communication strategies can be developed. By 2022, 750 000 households have to be aware of the tools and of the households that are renovating 80% must use them.     

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