About BE REEL!

BE REEL! is a LIFE-integrated project that started in January 2018 and will end in December 2024. BE REEL!'s goal is to ensure that Belgium is on track to achieve the 2050 renovation goals. Together with all the BE REEL! partners, we work towards an energy efficient residential housing stock.  


Belgian energy use is 70% above the European average. There is a lot of potential and improvement is not only possible, it is vital.

BE REEL! and its partners support the various ambitious European, national and regional plans. We aspire to increase the renovation rate in Belgium and the EU by developing, testing, evaluating, refining and demonstrating the most appropriate structural measures. 

Target groups

Citizens must be convinced to renovate their houses. That is why it is so important to start citizens initiatives. After all, the government needs to collaborate with partners from all target groups to reach the goals described in the regional renovation strategies as well as the broader climate goals. Governments, citizens, NGOs, contractors, renovation professionals, federations, etc. Only if all these stakeholders work together, the energy cloud will also have an energy efficient lining!

EU Support

BE REEL! is a LIFE integrated project or IP.  IPs were created to implement environmental and climate legislation and objectives on a larger scale and to increase the impact of the LIFE programme in the EU. IPs act as catalysts for EU legislation and the implementation of plans, programmes and strategies developed on a regional, multiregional or national scale. Central to the IP are the involvement of stakeholders, the effects in the long term and the coordination with complementary actions and projects that contribute to the realisation of the same strategic plan.

The BE REEL! team

Eddy Deruwe
Coordinator BE REEL!
02 553 15 98
Koning Albert II-laan 20/17
1000 Brussels
Levi Smismans
Project Officer Business Models
0485 85 58 01
Koning Albert II-laan 20/17
1000 Brussels

Meet the BE REEL! partners

Flemish Energy and Climate Agency (VEKA)
As a governmental agency, VEKA works on many subjects, including energy efficiency in buildings. VEKA is also the lead project partner. 
Roel Vermeiren
02 553 46 25
Koning Albert II-laan 20/17
1000 Brussels
Service Publique de Wallonie - Territoire, Logement, Patrimoine, Énergie (SPW - TPLE)
TLPE is the Walloon department working on energy efficiency in residential buildings. 
Céline Rénard
081 48 64 26 
Rue des Brigades d'Irlande, 1
5100 Namur (Jambes)
Knowledge Center of Flemish Cities
The Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) is the membership organization of all Flemish municipalities. The VVSG organizes three assignments: It supports and provides its services (information, advice, training and other services) to the members, promotes the interests of the local authorities and they deploy their network where necessary.For BE REEL! especially the Knowledge Center for Flemish Cities (KVS) will play a role. KVS has 11 Flemish cities and does exactly what its name suggests: disseminating knowledge about, to and for cities. KVS is part of the VVSG.
Linda Boudry
0478 23 44 91
Paviljoenstraat 9
1030 Brussels

The  city of Ghent
Ghent is the capital of the Flemish province of East-Flanders. It covers an area of ​​156.18 km² and has more than 259,000 inhabitants.As a city, Ghent is committed to a climate-neutral policy.

It helps the BE REEL! project by organizing various demonstration projects and pilot projects on its territory. With this, Ghent underlines its will and dedication to take measures that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and thus achieve the energy and climate goals.
Louis De Geest 
0485 45 09 58
Botermarkt 1
9000 Gent
City of Antwerp
The city of Antwerp is one of BE REEL!'s five city partners. Its renovation challenges are primarily apartment blocks and vulnerable families. 
Britt Berghs
0494 916739
Turnhoutsebaan 139
2140 Borgerhout
City of Mechelen
Mechelen is a medium-sized city in the province of Antwerp, centrally located between the cities of Antwerp and Brussels. Mechelen has more than 86,188 inhabitants and has an area of ​​65.19 km²

For BE REEL! the city of Mechelen coordinates a number of very different demonstration projects. For many years she has invested in a central contact point for citizens that have questions on sustainable building and renovation. The experience with group purchases will also be of good use for BE BEEL!. The city of Mechelen strongly believes in a facilitating role in collective renovation and other demonstration projects to actively encourage citizens to make their homes energy-efficient.
Ranja Vanasbroeck
0473 86 86 28
Grote Markt 21
2800 Mechelen
City of La Louvière
La Louvière is a city in the Walloon province of Hainaut. Located between Bergen and Charleroi. The municipality has over 80,000 inhabitants and has an area of ​​64.24 km²For BE REEL! the city organizes a number of demonstration projects. It will also carry out and be able to finance the energy action plan (5PAED).
Anne Mathot
Place Communale 1
7100 La Louvière

Buildwise, formerly the Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI-CSTC-WTCB) exists since 1959 and was founded by and for the sector. Its main tasks are research, informing and innovating developments in the construction sector. For BE REEL! their expertise in energy efficiency will come in handy. The publications and training courses of Buildwise are actually used as a reference for the sector.

Johan Van Dessel
Lombardstraat 42
1000 Brussels