new policy instruments

Development and implementation of the roadmap tool     

This roadmap called l’Audit Logement or Housing Audit is a tool meant to easily give homeowners an idea of the current energy saving potential of their home and to illustrate a possible roadmap to achieve these savings through renovation before 2050. It replaced the PAE 2 energy audit in 2019, is easier to conduct and is more financially attractive for citizens. The roadmap tool has been developed by TLPE, one of BE REEL!’s partners.

Co-creative development

TLPE worked together with an external partner to develop the tool. They gathered feedback through brainstorming workshops about a variety of subjects ranging from the content and form of the roadmap itself and the recommendations to possible secondary aspects of the tool like comfort and health.


An official housing audit can only be realized by a certified auditor. Only a roadmap produced by a certified auditor will qualify a citizen to receive certain premiums.   

Implementation and follow-up

The Walloon region has implemented the Quickscan and it is currently testing its impact in several Walloon municipalities. The feedback will be gathered and used to improve the tool further in the near future.


This tool is useful for many stakeholders. It can increase visibility of the issue of energy efficiency. The Walloon region has launched a broader communication campaign called Walloreno and the roadmap is one of the campaign’s main focuses.

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