new policy instruments

Demonstration of the best practices in various cities through the use of new tools such as Quickscan, the roadmap, and the Building Passport

This action consists of launching a pilot call for proposals within the municipalities having signed the Covenant of Majors and possessing a SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) or a SECAP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan) . The goal is that 10 municipalities use and validate the Quickscan, roadmap and Building Passport. These tools are meant to lead to the completion and the monitoring of works for improved energy performance, all while involving local authorities in the promotion and monitoring of the proposed action, as well as the disseminating the results.

Organisation of information sessions

These sessions will inform citizens on the specific tools, their objectives, why they should participate, etc. Citizens will also be able to present the results of the action after they have used the tools.

1000 Quickscans

The test sample of these Quickscans should be 1000 people and should be diverse. It should contain both public and private housing, covers all building typologies, preferably not contain too many new buildings, and be socially diverse.

300 roadmaps – 100 renovations

In this action, 300 roadmaps of which 100 lead to actual renovations have to be conducted.   

Building passport

The results of the Quickscan and roadmap are filed in the building passport. Each municipality must carry out a survey to gather insight into the relevance of the building passport for the renovating citizens.

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