New Policy instruments

Testing and refining of the developed Renovation Advice tool in the region of Flanders 

The availability of neutral, qualitative and coherent first-line advice is necessary to encourage citizens to renovate their homes in Flanders. To support the renovation advisors in the preparation of the renovation advice, renovation advice guidelines and a corresponding renovation advice toolbox were developed.

Developing renovation advice guidelines

TIn a first phase, the needs of first-line renovation advisors were investigated based on workshops and surveys. This research was carried out by renovation advisors of the energy houses, woonloketten (= information points), omgevingsloketten (=information points about environment), provincial support centers for sustainable construction, social rental offices and first-line BENOvation coaches. The development of the guidelines can be situated in various themes: renovation policy 2050, policy instruments, construction technology, financing, capacity building and communication. 

Developing a renovation advice toolbox

In a second phase, existing support tools were inventoried and brought together into a renovation advice toolbox. This toolbox includes a variety of tools, resources, good practices, referral opportunities, partnerships and tools developed from European projects. Attention was also paid to which form of support means users prefer. Delivery of this toolbox is expected in the course of 2021

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