new policy instruments

Development and implementation of the building passport tool     

The Walloon Housing Passport is the identity card of a housing unit in the Walloon Region: a dynamic digital record in which you can look up and maintain your property data. This record will be interactive and scalable, containing information about the administrative and technical details of the house. A building passport will accompany a building for its entire lifespan and will be transmitted from one owner to the next when a building changes ownership.

Co-creative development

TLPE is working together with an external partner to develop the tool. They will gather feedback through brainstorming workshops about a variety of subjects such as the content and form of the building passport itself.  

Beneficial for citizens, public authorities, and professionals

The tool will give citizens a clearer view of a building’s history (roadmap, energy audits, energy-saving works and/or restoration works), enable citizens to initiate a global renovation approach in an informed manner and simplify the contact between citizens and local authorities.

For public authorities, the tool will facilitate the process of premium requests, increase dialogue between the different administrations and gather data to give policy-makers a clearer idea of the Walloon building stock. For professionals, the tool will give access to historical information of a building without them having to gather all the different documents or other information.

Implementation and follow-up

The Walloon region will implement the building passport and test its impact in several Walloon municipalities. The feedback will be gathered and used to improve the tool further in the future.

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