project management

Regional coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of the tools in Walloon municipalities

Besides developing and implementing the different tools for the Walloon region, BE REEL! is also coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the Quickscan, roadmap and building passport in Wallonia. BE REEL! manages the selection of municipalities, promotion of the tools, and monitoring of the selected municipalities.

Select municipalities to use the three tools

BE REEL! will launch a call to gather applications from interested municipalities in Wallonia. The selected municipalities will test and validate the different tools in their territory, while BE REEL! keeps tabs on their progress. In the end, at least 10 municipalities need to be selected.

Upscale use of the three tools

Through meetings, surveys, reports, analyses, and evaluations, improvements on the tools will be gathered. These improvements will be centralised to enable an upscaling of the improved tools to encompass the entire Walloon region.  

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