demonstration project

Shallow geothermal energy

Shallow geothermal energy is not common in Belgium. The city of Ghent wants to promote the use of shallow geothermal energy production in existing houses with an accessible garden. The suburbs of the city contain larger houses with bigger private gardens than in the city center. Ghent will analyze 5 existing shallow geothermal installations (BEO or borehole energy storage) and make an inventory of obstacles and solutions for future implementation of geothermal energy in a city context.


The conditions for renovations will be mapped out by the BBRI, a BE REEL! partner, and installers of heat pumps and BEO.


Ghent will organize a competition to select 5 houses that will receive financial support to install shallow geothermal energy production. There will be regular contact with the five winners during the installation process.  

Communication campaign & interactive map

Ghent will launch a campaign on BEO in the suburbs of Ghent. Citizens will get access to an interactive map allowing them to check the BEO potential of their house. The data for this map exists already but is not yet available to the public.

Development of city strategy

A city-wide strategy to support shallow geothermal energy production will be developed based on the findings and evaluation of this action.

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