capacity building

Training for professionals on the new roadmap

The Walloon Region needs trained professionals with the knowhow to implement renovation advice. The training needs of the Walloon professionals need to be identified. They have to be able to work with the Housing Audit and the roadmap it produces. BE REEL! will validate their competence profile, determine and design the content and form of the trainings and organize them.

Competence profile of renovation advisors

Renovation advisors need many skills. They need to be able to provide customized technical advice, establish an order of priority in the necessary renovation works, offer financial solutions, aid the owner in the selection of companies, monitor the works, provide administrative helps, and provide advice over the entire customer journey.

Content of the trainings

The trainings need to cover a host of subjects, including information about the Housing Audit such as the calculation procedure based on energy saving potential, estimated investments, impacts on health/comfort, etc. and explanation about the software, roadmap, communication tools, and available support for citizens.

Online trainings

After the content of the trainings is developed, then the training modules themselves must be developed. They will be made available online on LearnWorlds, BE REEL!’s learning platform.   

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