capacity building

Exchange & knowledge platform to inventory best practices and disseminate findings

An exchange & knowledge platform will inventory Belgium’s and other EU member states’ best practices and findings, including the output from BE REEL!’s demonstration actions, dissemination actions, pilots and testing. This platform is digital and is called LearnWorlds. The goal is to reach 1500 professional builders and building developers, 2000 architects and engineers, 250 material producers, and 7000 contractors.

Exchange & knowledge board

An exchange & knowledge board will be set up by BE REEL! to select promising and innovative renovation topics to be elaborated upon in workshops, seminars, papers, webinars, etc. 2-4 experts can be hired for this board every 4-6 months.

Papers, workshops, events, webinars, etc.

The topics selected by the board will be used to write paper and articles, host events, give presentations, etc. This mobilizes the different stakeholders and brings them together for potential synergies. In the end, 15-20 papers have to be written and about 30 events need to be organized.

Exchange & knowledge platform

All the output and gathered expertise, documents, experiences, etc. will be centralized on LearnWorlds, BE REEL!’s online learning platform. LearnWorlds fulfills several functions such as an online school, learning platform, database of findings, and database of stakeholders. 

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