demonstration project

Energy investments for vulnerable groups

Vulnerable groups have difficulties to make investments in their home because of financial issues, other priorities or lack of environmental awareness. Financial measures/grants existing in Flanders to support investments in energy efficiency measures foresee extra support for vulnerable groups. One measure is to provide vulnerable citizens with free energy scans of their homes. Within BE REEL!, the city of Antwerp will expand the existing energy scans for vulnerable groups. Every year about 2000 vulnerable households get free energy scans. The goals is to get 5% (100) households to invest every year of the BE REEL! project, leading to a total of 500-700 after 7 years. This will lead to an enhanced uptake of energy efficiency investments.

Two free energy scans

Two free energy scans can be conducted per household. The first energy scan will be focused on smaller measures. The second scan will lead to tailor-made advice for the citizens to achieve bigger energy saving measures such as roof or wall insulation, high efficiency windows and energy efficient heating systems.

Split-incentive between renters and their landlord

The costs of the renovation will be made by the landlord while the benefits go to the renters. This splits the incentive that can drive renovation works. Seeing as most vulnerable people are renters, the split-incentive is an especially relevant challenge for this action.

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