demonstration project

Third-party investments in La Louvière

Study and test different solutions to finance the energy renovation of buildings in La Louvière

This action consists in testing different financing solutions to improve the energy performance of housing in La Louvière. The objective of this action is to do at least 200 renovations per year for four years (800 in total). 

Initial feasability study

To check the feasibility of the existing financing options for La Louvière, a feasibility study was done. This study identified two major problems that were hampering the involvement of third party investors: the rebound effect and the necessary budget to renovate 800 homes in 4 years.

Involvement of third parties

To achieve the 800 renovations over four years, La Louvière will cooperate with key third parties to carry out the renovations. Several partnerships will already exist, while others will have to be started from zero. Together with these partners, La Louvière will test the financing solutions and reach its goals of 800 renovations.

Gather best financing practices

The goal is to identify the different financing options possible in La Louvière. The solutions can exist already or can be created as needed by the city. Together with the partners, La Louvière can identify where the obstacles, especially the financial ones, are and propose solutions.

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