About BE REEL!

BE REEL! is a LIFE integrated project in which different partners work on several ambitious subprojects.

Belgium must reach the climate goals! Look at the potential – Belgian energy use is 70% above European average – You can already tell that improvement is not only possible, it is vital. BE REEL! and its partners support these ambitious plans. We aspire a renovation rate increase for which we develop, test, evaluate, refine and demonstrate the most appropriate structural measures.

It is the citizen who must be convinced to renovate his house. That is why it is so important to start citizens initiatives. After all, the government needs to collaborate with partners from all target groups to reach the goals described in the regional renovation strategies as well as the climate goals.

Governments, citizens, relevant sectors and federations. Only if all those stakeholders work together, the energy cloud will have an energy-efficient lining!

What is a LIFE-integrated project?

Integrated projects were created to implement the environmental and climate legislation and objectives on a larger scale and to increase the impact of the LIFE programme in the EU.  They act as a catalyst for the implementation of plans, programmes and strategies developed on a regional, multiregional or national scale as a result of EU legislation. Central to the integrated project are the involvement of stakeholders, the effects in the long term and the coordination with complementary actions and projects that contribute to the realisation of the same strategic plan.


The BE REEL! project is a cooperation between different partners. Discover here who they are.